Class Schedule

Belly dance classes are a great way to take some "me time," recharge your creativity, get your body moving, enjoy great music, and meet new people. Questions? Visit the FAQ page.

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Most recent series: Saidi
$105 series, $20 drop-in

This series introduces Saidi dance from the ground up. We'll discuss the cultural and performance contexts for the dance and typical characteristics of Saidi music. We'll also work on movement techniques to capture the Saidi flavor and Mahmoud Reda-style combinations. Although Saidi dance is often associated with cane, this series will focus on the dance and footwork. (We may add finger cymbals, depending on interest.)

I recommend signing up for the full series if you can, since the combinations will build from week to week, but a drop-in rate is available. If you drop in for one class and decide to take the full series, I'll apply your $20 toward the $105 series rate.

Dance shoes are a good idea for this series, if you have them. (Please note that street shoes are not allowed in the studio.)

All payments are non-refundable unless classes are cancelled.

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Class Overview

Nisreen's classes introduce Egyptian belly dance movement, emphasizing core strength, posture, and breathing. Students also learn about the music and culture of the Middle East.

Nisreen previously taught introductory belly dance classes and finger cymbals classes through the Arts Center of St. Peter (MN) and substituted for Bellyqueen classes in Manhattan during March 2014.

She completed the Bellyqueen teacher training program in March 2014 and Tamalyn Dallal's teacher training program in 2009.

Past Topics

Dancing to baladi music

Juicy moves and earthy music! During this series we will break down the parts of taqsim baladi (including the different sections, instruments, and rhythms) and work with dance movements that go well with each part. During taqsim baladi, the musicians are improvising, so this series will focus on improvised dance. We will practice strategies to feel and express the music in the moment. As the series continues, we will work with some classic baladi songs such as "Taht Il Shibbak" and "Hassan Ya Koulli." The classes relate to each other, but there is no ongoing choreography, so it's okay to join anytime.

Unusual rhythms for Egyptian dance

This series will focus on combinations for samai thaqil, an unusual and beautiful 10/8 rhythm most closely associated with muwashahat music but found in other pieces as well. Combinations will emphasize grace, elegance, and strong footwork skills. We may also sneak in some 7/8s and/or other unusual rhythms as the series goes along.

Drum solo

This fall, classes will focus on technique, listening skills, and performance approaches for drum solos. We'll explore movements that work well for drum solos, including topics such as muscle and breath techniques for strong accents, framing and transition moves, and shimmies for all occasions. Musically, we'll discuss different rhythms, patterns to listen for, and the similarities and differences in dancing to live and recorded drum solos. Finally, we'll address performance strategies, with structured opportunities for improvisation during class. Every class is likely to include material from each of the three categories -- technique, listening, performance.

Saidi: technique & combos with cane

This series introduces Saidi dance and cane work from the ground up. Classes will include an Egyptian technique warmup, cane technique and drills, and Mahmoud Reda-inspired combinations. We'll discuss the cultural and performance contexts for the dance and typical characteristics of Saidi music. We'll also work on movement techniques to capture the Saidi flavor. Finally, you'll learn the mechanics and philosophy of twirling with confidence, ways to use the cane to frame your movements, and also a few nifty cane tricks. ;)

Alf Layla Wa Layla toolkit

In this series, we'll work on technique and explore various ways to apply the movements we work on in the song -- focusing on hearing the nuances of the music and expressing it in an Egyptian way. Classes will relate to each other, but the specific focus of each class will stand alone (not an ongoing choreography), so join in anytime!

Mahmoud Reda & muwashahat

Mahmoud Reda is a dancer and choreographer who played a significant role in bringing Egyptian dance to the stage. Nisreen's Thursday classes are currently working with Reda-inspired material. Come to class to learn what distinguishes the Reda style, gain some useful techniques to apply to your dancing, enjoy the elegant movements, and train your brain with some interesting combinations!

Learn more about Reda in this article by Farida Fahmy, co-founder and principal dancer of the Reda Troupe.

See an example of the style we'll be working with in this clip.

Private Lessons

Nisreen is available to teach private lessons. If you want to prep for a performance, sharpen your technique skills, focus on a special topic, or meet another goal, get in touch at Rates are $65/person/hour, plus studio rental fee (if applicable). Want to sign up as a small group or schedule more than one hour of lesson time? Contact me for a package deal.