Nisreen was introduced to Middle Eastern dance in 2004 and has been shimmying ever since! Her teachers have included Cassandra (Twin Cities, MN), Dalia Carella (NYC), Gamila el Masri (NYC), Mirah Ammal (Twin Cities, MN), Noora (NYC), Nourhan Sharif (NYC), Ranya Renée (NYC), Rayhana (NYC), Shakira al Fanninah (Columbus, OH), and Yousry Sharif (NYC), among others.

She has been privileged to participate in workshops with dancers including (but not limited to ;) ) Aida Nour, Alia Thabit, Amel Tafsout, Assala Ibrahim, Cera Byer, Karim Nagi, Kay Hardy Campbell, Mahmoud Reda, Mohamed El Hosseny, Mohamed Shahin, Nany, Raqia Hassan, Tito, and Zahava Griss.

Nisreen comes to Middle Eastern dance with a background in music performance and theory as well as color guard (alumna of the Wyoming High School All State Marching Band). Always attempting to deepen her understanding of Middle Eastern dance and culture, she has studied Middle Eastern music (nay and percussion) and Arabic language.

Her specialty is Egyptian dance, but she maintains an interest in other forms from the region, such as khaleeji and Persian dance.

In the 2010 Personal Best Middle Eastern Dance Competition, she received Shakira's Award for the Most Excruciatingly Ethical Dancer, as well as 2nd place in the Headliner category and 3rd in Folkloric.

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